Interregional Academy of Personnel Management

Dnipro Institute
Dnipro, Nadii Aleksieienko St, 21

Business Training on the Topic "Legal Practice in the Modern World"

Sunday, 08 October 2023
Business Training on the Topic "Legal Practice in the Modern World"

An exciting training session on the topic of "Legal Practice in the Modern World" took place at the Dnipro Institute of MAUP.

The training was organized with the support of the Student Council Chairman, Alexander Dyudy. It proved to be a valuable event for everyone interested in the field of legal practice and eager to deepen their knowledge.

Stanislav Liflyanchyk, who served as the keynote speaker at the event, is well-known for his extensive expertise in the field of law and legal practice. He has many years of experience in various areas of legal work, particularly in two main directions:

Firstly, he specializes in civil cases, including resolving family and inheritance conflicts, settling disputes with banks, and handling important property rights issues.

Secondly, he provides business support by offering professional assistance in the day-to-day operations of companies, resolving corporate matters, disputes with business partners and government authorities, as well as handling tax disputes, including tax invoices and contract development.

Participants had the opportunity to familiarize themselves with current legal practice issues, receive valuable advice from a recognized expert, and raise their own questions. This training was a significant step in acquiring valuable knowledge and skills for all its participants, helping them better understand and tackle the challenges of legal practice in the modern world.