Interregional Academy of Personnel Management

Dnipro Institute
Dnipro, Nadii Aleksieienko St, 21

Student council

Student Council - a body of student government, the purpose of which is to create conditions for self-realization of students and the formation of their organizational skills, leadership skills, responsibility for the results of their work and more. This is not only a wide range of opportunities for students, but also an organization that is directly involved in all spheres of public life, influences the course of all processes taking place in the institute.

The Student Council is an association. First of all, the association of students. Consolidation of opinions. Combining ideas. Combining educational and creative work. Combining diverse, not at all similar areas of work.

The student council is students. Students are smart, responsible, organized, purposeful, ambitious, fun. Students who want can and learn to organize, listen, manage.

The student council is a help. Help is versatile, but necessary. Assistance to students in solving educational processes, uniting and organizing the work of the group, various courses, faculties. Assistance to teachers in finding a common language with students. Assistance in creating the image of the university.

The Student Council is an organization. Organization of festive events, business meetings, intellectual games, sports competitions, etc. Organization of students' leisure. Organization of your future.

Student councils are ideas. Ideas that flow, flow into projects and are implemented. Ideas on which student events depend. Student council is a wish. The desire to succeed. The desire to work and enjoy it. The desire to be the center of attention. The desire to learn. The desire to walk with time.

The Student Council is a team. A team united by a common goal, work, idea, desires. The main thing in the team is trust. Without this, there will be no work, no flight of thought, no community of interest. And this is the main thing in the team.

If you are active, purposeful, creative, you have a lot of ideas and energy, then join us - the Academy Student Council. We are always happy for new people.