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Ukrainian-Polish Higher Education Program

The Interregional Academy of Personnel Management invites entrants to enter a bachelor's degree or master's degree without an external examination - under joint Polish-Ukrainian study programs.

EIT Certificate is not required for admission to these programs!

Enrollment is based on a certificate of complete general secondary education (for a bachelor's degree) or a diploma of higher education (for a master's degree) and the results of an interview.

For consultations on admission without EIT to joint Polish-Ukrainian programs and receive a 20% discount on tuition, register on the site or by phone: (056) 375-72-19 or (056) 722-22-33.

General Information

legnica wsm ul reymonta

The aim of the project to create a Polish-Ukrainian Cultural and Educational Center at IAUP is to prepare competitive specialists in accordance with European standards, as well as to adapt Ukrainian students to life and work in a European democratic society.

The IAUP and Management University Integrated Curriculum in Warsaw (Poland), lectures and seminars from Candidates and Doctors of Science of Ukraine and Poland, current knowledge and skills all make the learning process more effective.

Enrollment is based on a certificate of complete general secondary education (for a bachelor's degree) or a diploma of higher education (for a master's degree) and the results of an interview.

After the first year of distance learning, each student transfer to the Interregional Academy of Personnel Management, where they will continue their studies to the degree of Bachelor.

Specialty Studies

Bachelor / Master Degree

  • 051 Economics
  • 053 Psychology
  • 073 Management
  • 081 Law
  • 242 Tourism

 Cost of education - by this link.

Studying in Poland


The Graduate School of Management in Warsaw is one of the oldest private universities in Poland. The institution is located in one of the most modern educational facilities. GSOM offers comfortable learning conditions, guaranteeing affordable tuition.

The field of activity of graduates can be quite wide ranging from banking and financial institutions to large and medium-sized companies and enterprises in the European market.

The University of Management (WSM w Warszawie) in Warsaw was founded in 1995 and is now one of the most respected universities in Poland, which prepares bachelors and masters in social sciences, management and law. The educational institution provides education in two forms: full-time and correspondence. Upon graduation, each student receives a national diploma that meets all EU standards.

The University of Management in Warsaw is the first private university in Poland to begin enrolling students without entrance exams. Starting in 2015, you only need to have an interview to enter the University. University officials say this is done solely to identify the needs of prospective students.

WSM graduates can be found in many private companies and public institutions in Poland, the Czech Republic, Germany and other EU countries. Many of them work in management and executive positions or start their own businesses. Graduates highly value the quality of knowledge and practice at the University. They emphasize the professionalism of the teachers, the relevance of the curricula and the skills they are actively using in their professional activities. The vast majority of graduates of the Warsaw School of Management find jobs abroad easily through thorough preparation and EU diploma.

As is well known, Poland has been an EU member since 2004. It is an industrial country with a dynamic economy. In recent years, many students from Ukraine have chosen Polish universities to study, because their prices are more affordable than at universities in other EU countries, and the quality of the obtained knowledge is at a high level.

Ukraine's accession to the Bologna Process and the Common European Education Area has now provided an opportunity to establish direct educational, scientific and cultural links with EU institutions, to integrate curricula and educational programs.

Introduction Documents

  1. The original document of education with an appendix and two copies (2 copies, one set is notarized)
  2. Passport and residence permit (2 copies)
  3. 4 photos 3x4
  4. Identification number (2 copies)