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Dnipro Institute
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Strategies for Conflict Resolution and Rejuvenating Active Life

Saturday, 07 October 2023
Strategies for Conflict Resolution and Rejuvenating Active Life

Education seekers and the faculty of the Dnipro Institute of MAUP were engaged in the training session "Effective Communication and Rejuvenating Active Life."

Trainer: Olga Losiyevska, Ph.D. in Psychology, Professor, Head of the University Mediation Center.

The attendees listened to valuable information about optimal ways to overcome conflicts in everyday life and learned how to avoid conflict-prone situations. They also grasped the concept of what active life is and how it contributes to improving our surroundings. Olga Losiyevska proposed discussing the directions of socially beneficial behavior as a key aspect of an active and conscious life. They discussed examples and advantages of an active lifestyle and its impact on the harmonious development of society.

In particular, the topic of "Conflict Resolution Strategies" sparked lively interest as participants of the training felt the need to acquire skills for effective conflict resolution in various aspects of their lives. The relevance and significance of the topic "Life activity as a socially beneficial type of behavior" were emphasized, noting that social activity has great potential for improving society and building harmonious relationships.

Overall, all participants demonstrated openness to learning and a desire to acquire new knowledge and skills for the betterment of both their personal and collective lives.

We wish all participants of the training inspiration and a positive outlook on personal situations and the rejuvenation of an active life!