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The students of the Dnipro Institute of Interregional Personnel Management (MAUP) visited the photo exhibition "Incredible."

Sunday, 24 September 2023
The students of the Dnipro Institute of Interregional Personnel Management (MAUP) visited the photo exhibition "Incredible."

Last week, in the women-friendly space "Vilna," an incredible photo exhibition took place.

Our female students got acquainted with ten different border guards through photo illustrations and learned about their stories. This exhibition had a social dimension, emphasizing that the choice of profession should not depend on gender stereotypes.

"Women can be anything and fulfill themselves in any role," noted Mustafa Elkanazi, Deputy Representative of UNFPA in Ukraine and Senior Emergency Coordinator.

Students from the Dnipro Institute of Interregional Personnel Management also engaged in discussions with the space's psychologist, Ms. Natalia, about gender stereotypes and women's inner strength. Each girl shared her impressions and memories on this topic, and the psychologist helped them better understand themselves and immerse themselves in an atmosphere of self-love.

We thank the "Vilna" space for their hospitality and for the time that the students spent together, realizing that we are all equal in our pursuit of one dream - Victory!

In Ukraine, there are already 28 "Vilna" spaces.

"Vilna" - a space for women and girls Address: 2a Slavy Boulevard, Dnipro Contact phone: +38 066 000-86-98 Telegram channel:

The "VONA" Career and Business Hub offers services to women affected by domestic/gender-based violence to improve their professional skills and secure successful employment.

Women and girls can:

✅ Sign up for a free consultation with a career advisor for individual job search support.

✅ Receive individual consultations with a psychologist for support during employment and adaptation in a new workplace, upon referral from a career advisor.

✅ Participate in initiatives to start or develop their own businesses.

✅ Apply for free courses, training sessions, and webinars to develop professional and communication skills.

Additional information: The "VONA" Hub in Dnipro operates as part of the NGO "MARTIN-club," supported by the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA) Ukraine and the Government of Great Britain.

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